19 popular Food travel bloggers


Food Travel Bloggers to Watch

Bucket List Journey, Annette White – @BucketListJrny
Annette kicked her anxiety into touch and since has done some incredible things. She’s rappelled down a waterfall, zip-lined through Costa Rican rainforest, kayaked with whales, and fed swimming pigs. Between her travels, Annette runs and owns an Italian restaurant, so when it comes to food and travel, she’s an expert! Her focus on the foods which are inherent to local culture give you a window straight to the heart of many countries. Our favourite is the list of traditional foods to try in Greece, which will get your mouth watering in readiness for your next visit.

Katie Parla, Katie Parla – @katieparla
Katie is based in Rome and so her food blogs mostly introduces key food and recipes from Rome. She’s written an ebook called ‘Eating and Drinking in Rome’ and wrote National Geographic’s ‘Walking Rome’. Rome is well equipped to satisfy your taste buds. The only problem is, where to start! Katie’s guide to eating out in Rome on Sundays provides some great suggestions for your trip. You must try a pizza on your travels and with top picks such as Pizzarium, you’ll never want to leave!

Will Travel for Food, Mayssam Samaha – @mayssamaha
Saveur Best Food Blog Award finalist, Mayssam is originally from Lebanon but currently resides in Montreal. As she travels, she explores Michelin-star restaurants and tiny street cafes highlighting the best eats to her readers. It’s worth checking out these recommended terrace-top eateries if you’re in Montreal. The range of cuisine available, from Syrian to Vietnamese, is mind boggling.

Eat Like a Girl, Niamh Shields – @eatlikeagirl
Niamh started her blog back in 2007 and all the brilliant travel-inspired recipes listed are from her own hand. Winning the Best Food Blog at the Cinnamon Travel Blogger Awards in 2016 shows the high quality of Niamh’s writing. The travelling section of her website is particularly inspirational. Take the guide to The Best Croissants in Paris; picture savouring a real croissant (no curves here) on the romantic streets of Paris.

Eat Your World, Laura Siciliano-Rosen & Scott Rosen – @eat_your_world
This blog places an emphasis on highlighting traditional or local foods that you will only find in a specific area. It’s a great way to pick up handy tips on what to look out for when you’re eating out on holiday. Scott and Laura also promote healthy lifestyles so encourage ways to burn off all that food you’ve just scoffed. The interview with the author of ‘Lisbon in 100 Bites’ really made us look forward to our next trip to Portugal.

Our Tasty Travels, Erin Desantiago – @ourtastytravels
Travels through 69 countries have inspired blogs of all varieties here. Wine is a specialism of hers and she currently holds a certified Specialist of Wine designation and dreams of one day producing her own wine. Whilst her guides on where to eat around the world are fabulous, it’s her ideas on how to get the best from your trip that are inspiring such as Why You Should Take a Food Tour. Her tips will help you avoid common tourist traps and enjoy local culinary delights instead.

Tasty Italian food. See the ‘Katie Parla’ blog for more. Photo by: beatrice prève/Fotolia

Pratesi Living, Roger & Gwen Pratesi – @pratesiliving

A passion for food started at an early age for Gwen and this has never left her. The food she discovered on travelling inspired her to start a blog. Her interviews with top chefs led to introductions to farmers, artisans and more travel opportunities. No doubt they’ll inspire you to visit their restaurants whilst on your travels, especially if you’re exploring the US. This guide on wine and oysters in Virginia will give you a few more stops to make on your next trip through the state.

The Travel Bite, Rachelle Lucas – @TravelBlggr
Rachelle is a former innkeeper and used to manage social media for a number of bed and breakfasts. It was through these responsibilities that she learned more about cooking. The blog covers all sorts of handy travel tips and recipes for lots of tasty food from all over the world. Be fully prepared on your next trip to Switzerland with her top eateries in Zurich.

I am Aileen, Aileen Adalid – @iAmAileen
Aileen set off on her sustainable travel lifestyle as a digital nomad after dropping her corporate job in the Philippines. She covers all the elements of travel, featuring blogs on topics such as travel insurance, accommodation, and food. Her diary on ‘Eating my way through Finland’ will whet your appetite with plenty of local dishes. She’ll help you locate them too, with suggestions of the best places to enjoy them.

Budget Traveller, Kash Bhattacharya – @BudgetTraveller
Seeking out the best places to eat, no matter what your budget, Kash handily lists his top picks for eating like a local on a shoe-string. With a guide to how much a meal will cost you, it’ll remind you that enjoying the local cuisine doesn’t have to cost a fortune. This guide to cheap eats in Tallinn is the perfect example.

Ever in Transit, Cassie Kifer – @caskifer

Cassie writes about food and travelling from her base in California. Markets, farm tours and cooking classes are big on her to-do list when exploring. She’s been published in The Culinary Travel Guide, Jetset Extra and Food Wine Travel Magazine among others. Travelling partners include her husband and their dog, Posey, who has led to some great posts about dog-friendly accommodation and top tips. We were delighted by Cassie’s post on how to find vegetarian food in Mexico which gave some handy phrases to learn too.

Legal Nomads, Jodi Ettenberg – @legalnomads
With a similar start to many other travel bloggers, Jodi quit her office day job and set off to discover more of the world. Taking a different approach, posts look at how food shapes our experiences and the history of certain dishes. Jodi is a coeliac so there’s some great gluten free eating tips. This handy guide on where’s good and gluten-free to eat in Austin is extensive.

Mexican birria. See the ‘Bacon is Magic’ blog for more. Photo by: Monart Design/Fotolia

Neverending Voyage, Simon Fairbairn & Erin McNeaney – @NevEndingVoyage
Like Aileen, the couple behind this blog, Simon and Erin, are digital nomads- funding their travels by working in digital services as they move around. Their food articles centre around vegetarian food so there’s some great tips if you’re looking to avoid meat on your travels! The food served in Barcelona looks delicious.

Migrationology, Mark Wiens – @migrationology
The whole concept behind Mark’s blog is travelling for the purpose of experiencing new cuisine and local produce. He also covers some great travel tips and essentials. His posts make you realise that you can sample great food, without spending much. His insider guide to the Hashem Restaurant in Amman, Jordan is invaluable if you’re ever in the area.

Edible Roadtrip, Lindsay Anderson & Dana VanVeller – @feast_on
Aiming to bring Canadian food beyond poutine to life, Lindsay and Dana set off in 2013 across the country discovering local food, chefs, restaurants and recipes. They’ve since also travelled to Sri Lanka, Germany and Austria, highlighting key discoveries of their trips. The story of their time spent travelling Canada has been picked up by a publisher and FEAST is due to hit bookshops in 2017. Her foodie discoveries on a visit to Nuremberg, covering what and where to eat look beyond tempting.

With Husband in Tow, Amber & Eric Hoffman – @HusbandInTow
Amber left her life as a lawyer and has since travelled 70 countries. Asia is a big favourite and she currently resides there. There are a variety of podcasts and videos available to watch on the site and their food guides for Europe and Asia are extensive. There’s also some great articles on local markets. The in-depth guides such as the Pastisseria Serra – Catalan Pastry Shop will transport you to places such as the Costa Brava.

Bacon is Magic, Ayngelina Brogan & Dave Mottershall – @Ayngelina
This blog started off written by a solo female traveller. Eventually, Ayngelina asked to meet the chef at a restaurant and now they travel and blog together. They’ve explored and written about parts of America, Europe and the Middle East. If you’re keen to travel to far flung places but want to avoid typical tourist fare, articles such as 12 Things You Must Eat in Mazatlan are a godsend.

Will Fly for Food, JB & Renee Macatulad – @flyforfoodnow
Not to be confused with Will Travel for Food! This blog is written by JB and Ren, out of the Philippines. There’s lots of foodie content – from food guides to infographics. There’s also fabulous recipes for you to try at home. Discover 27 delicious things to eat in Turkey, you’ll be booking a flight before you know it!

The Gastro Gnome, Naomi Tonky – @gastrognome
Perhaps a surprising name for a blog, Naomi started writing about her love of food in 2006. She writes for her own blog and a number of other outlets as a freelance food journalist. Her food and restaurant photography has also featured in several magazines. If you’re planning a trip to the USA, look at her ‘eating by city’ guides; you’ll be spoilt for choice.